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TALL District Top 2016 Cars: GMC

May 31, 2016

Today we share two of our top pics for talls. A full size SUV and pick-up truck with a crew cabin.


During the 2016 Chicago Annual Auto Show my co-host Tem (Temidayo) and I tested a variety of vehicles including SUV’s, pick-up trucks, sedans, etc. After selecting our top picks we test drove them to complete the review. Click play to virtually join us for the ride.

Our 2016 Top Cars selection was based solely on the following:
Head Space
Leg Space
Backseat Passenger Space
Fit (body space)

Each category is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the best rating possible.

GMC Yukon XL:
Head Space: 5
Leg Space: 5
Trunk: 5
Backseat Passenger Space: 3.5
Seats: 9
5.3 Liter / V8 Engine
MPG: 16/23 (city/highway)
Price: $51, 015 (Yukon XL), $68,025 (Yukon XL Denali)

The GMC Yukon XL is our top 2016 full size SUV. It is 20 inches longer than the regular yukon, a redesign that occurred in 2015. The extra 20 inches is in the 3rd row which provides greater leg room compared to the standard Yukon. We also both loved not having to do a squat to get into the SUV as can when trying to get into a sedan or sports car.





GMC Sierra Crew Cab:
Head Space: 5
Leg Space: 5
Trunk: 5
Backseat Passenger Space: 4.5
Seats: 5
4.3 Liter / V6 Engine, 5.3 Liter / V8 Engine, 6.2 Liter / v8 Engine
MPG: 18/24, 16/23, 15/21 (city/highway)
Price: $27,715

Tem and I were pleasantly surprised by GMC’s Sierra Crew Cab. There was enough space for passengers in the back and you have multiple options with the GMC Sierra. For example, the GMC Sierra has 3 bed options…small, standard, long.



Was this post helpful? Is there a particular car/truck/suv you are interested in seeing a review for. Let us know.

TALL Blessings,

J. Enovy


J. Enovy

J. Enovy, the founder of TALL District, is a senior investment professional and a tall resource/blogger. Join her as she shares valuable information for the tall consumer and those who shop on their behalf.

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