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TALL District 2016 Top Cars: Mercedes Benz

June 2, 2016

 “The Best or Nothing”
– Mercedes Benz

During the 2016 Chicago Annual Auto Show my co-host Tem (Temidayo) and I tested a variety of vehicles including SUV’s, pick-up trucks, sedans, etc. After selecting our top picks we test drove them to complete the review. Click play to virtually join us for the ride.

Our 2016 Top Car selections were based on the following:
Head Space
Leg Space
Backseat Passenger Space
Body space

Each category is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the best rating possible.



Mercedes Benz S-550 Summary:
Head Space: 5 (39.7”)
Leg Space: 5 (41.4”)
Body Space: 5 (59.7”)
Backseat Passenger Space: 5 (59.1” Body Space / 43.1” Leg Space / 37.4” Head Space)
Total Car Length/Height: 206.5” / 58.7”

Seats: 5
4.7L / V8 Engine
MPG: 17/26 (city/highway)
Price: $95,650 (without add-ons)
Acceleration: 0-60 in 4.8 seconds

We tested several cars during the Annual Chicago 2016 Auto Show. Our goal = find cars that Talls can comfortably fit in. The Mercedes Benz S-550 provided the most comfortable fit of them all.

Co-host Tem and I had comfortable leg room, head space, and body space; factors that were of great importance to me during the selection process of TALL District’s Top 2016 Cars for Talls. The name speaks for itself. The space speaks to us #talls.


Thank you Christopher Bard of Mercedes Benz of Chicago for the opportunity to test drive TALL Districts Top 2016 Car for Talls. If you’re in the market for a luxury vehicle and first class customer service, Mercedes Benz of Chicago is the right place for you.


It is our goal to provide information that is useful and valuable here at TALL District. Was this post helpful? Is there a particular car, truck, sports car, or suv that you would like to see a review for? If so, let us know.

TALL Blessings,

J. Enovy


J. Enovy

J. Enovy, the founder of TALL District, is a senior investment professional and a tall resource/blogger. Join her as she shares valuable information for the tall consumer and those who shop on their behalf.

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