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#StyleHasNoRules: A Long Tall Sally Style challenge

May 1, 2017

What happens when your daughter/sister and granddaughter/niece style you?



My mom (Marcia, 5’9.5″) and I (5’11”) found out just what happens when we took the Long Tall Sally #StyleHasNoRules challenge.


My baby sister (Miah, teenager) and my niece (Mari, young girl) picked outfits and shoes for my mother and I. Mom and I both ended up with 3 outfits to chose from, one outfit selected by each child (2 total) plus an outfit they selected together.


I was super tempted to listen in on the conversation during the selection process, but I gave them their privacy as requested (the smaller of the two is the real boss when she’s with us).


Miah describes the selection process…
“While my niece and I were thinking about how to dress my mother and sister, I was mainly thinking about what matched and if the outfits were something that I would be comfortable wearing to school (high school). My niece on the other hand was playfully picking things that were cute to her and mixing them together to create an outfit asking if it looked good along the way and making changes where she saw fit. In the end we came together, although we didn’t agree on some things, and chose a couple of outfits.

For example, she picked a navy blue jumpsuit with an army green casual mid length jacket and silver pumps for my mom. Lol. I don’t think my mom would have approved.” – Miah


The Look

Miah and Mari did as mini stylists for Long Tall Sally.


Mom: Denim Maxi Skirt, Off the Shoulder Top– Mari (7 y.o.) – $88/$38, Shoes (Miah, teenager), Accessories (both)


Me: Blouse/shoes (Mari, 7 y.o.) – $25, floral side split pant (Miah, teenager) – $89.



Me: Mid Calf Gladiator, $88, sizes 9-15


Mom: T-Bar Leather Sandal (mom loved the sandals), $58, sizes 9-15


This was such a fun experience to share with my family (mom, sister, and niece), especially moments like this (pictured below) when my niece was determined to look taller by standing on her tippy toes. I was so tickled by this.


Thanks for being open to this challenge, Ma! Love you. #foreverherbigbaby


Many thanks to our little stylists as well. #familyfirst #babysister

How brave are you? Would you let your daughter, younger sister or niece style you?


Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


TALL Blessings,

J. Enovy


J. Enovy

J. Enovy, the founder of TALL District, is a senior investment professional and a tall resource/blogger. Join her as she shares valuable information for the tall consumer and those who shop on their behalf.

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