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Friday, 23rd February, 2018

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5 Things To Know About TALL District Brands


I) When was the Tallista™ brand created?
Tallista was created in October of 2013 when J. Enovy launched TALL District.


II) What is the purpose of the Tallista™ brand?
The Tallista™ brand was created with tall women in mind. It is about recognizing the tall & fashionable woman. The Tallista™ brand is about empowering tall women to be confident and embrace their height; to be fearless when wearing heels; to stand out in a crowd with pride.


III) What makes a girl a Tallista™?
A Tallista™ rocks the TALL District ‘Tallista™’ brand with pride. She is a tall and fashionable woman who is confident and/or building her confidence.

The Tallista brand supporter who is not tall wears the brand because of their association with the height experience (raising a tall child, mate of a tall person, etc.)


IV) What brands are directly associated with TALL District?
TALL District brands include Tallista™, Mr. TALL™, J. Enovy™, Shop TALL™ – pop up shops