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TD Lingo

Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Welcome to TALL District?
Your Go-To Source for All Things TALL

Here are a few terms used by TALL District community.

Tall Fashionable women and girls who are 5’9″ and above (created when I started the blog in 2013) and support/rock the Tallista brand. The Tallista is confident and owns her height. She has style. She is authentic. She embraces the height experience and walks with her head held high.

Mr. TALL(s)
Tall men 6’3″ and above that support/rock the Mr. Tall/TALL District brand. Mr. TALL is confident. He embraces his height. He is a man that likes to look his best in clothes that fit and has fun experiencing life with things that accommodate his height.

Shop TALL is TALL Districts home for shopping J. Enovy’s looks, shopping the Tallista™ and Mr. TALL™ brands, shopping TD fashion and lifestyle brand collaborations, and shopping events created and/or hosted by TD and J. Enovy for tall consumers.

The TALL Experience
Documented situations uniquely experienced by members of the tall community.