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February 13, 2017

It is February. Queue Cupid and his bow & arrow.

This is the month Hallmark created. A month we choose to openly celebrate love. A love that comes after the lovely dating process.



Since dating is soooo much fun, especially for tall people, TALL District fashion contributor Brooklyn Al, Radio Personality Stretch Garrett and I (J. Enovy) share our dating preferences.

Does Brooklyn Al or Ulysses prefer dating shorter or taller women? Do I prefer dating shorter or taller men? Take a guess then continue reading for the answer.

P.S. In the spirit of Valentine BK Al and I took things a step further and turned our words into images.

We believe this is what love looks like. Tell us how you think we did. Did we capture the essence of love?





Ulysses a.k.a. Stretch G, Radio Personality, Author, lover of pancakes 🥞


Brooklyn AL, NYC, Commercial Real Estate Professional, Photography Buff, Blogger, and World Traveler


J. Enovy, Chicago, Finance Professional, Blogger, Founder of TALL District



HIS (B.A.): Guyana, South America
HERS: Panama City, Panama, Central America
HIS (U): Baltimore, Maryland


HIS (B.A.): Brooklyn, NY
HERS: Rockledge, FL
HIS (U): Baltimore, MD


HIS (B.A.): 6’6”
HERS: 5’11″
HIS (U): 6’6″


Alma Mater
HIS (B.A.): New York University
HERS: Florida A&M University
HIS (U): Towson University




Tallest woman/man you’ve seriously dated
HIS (B.A.): 5’9”
HERS: 6’10”
HIS (U): 6’2″


Shortest woman/man you’ve dated
HIS (B.A.): 5’2”
HERS: 6’1.5”
HIS (U): 5’1″


Do you have a height preference
HIS (B.A.): I do not have a height preference when it comes to dating but I tend to attract women on the shorter side.

HERS: I do. I prefer a man who is at least 3 to 4 inches taller than I am. I wear heels quite frequently and would prefer not to tower over my mate. However, I have dated someone just slightly taller than me. He was not a fan of my heels to say the least.

HIS (U): No, but my knees do!



What are the most attractive attributes of a woman/man
HIS (B.A.) : Hmm, this is an interesting question. Aesthetics aside, Im attracted to women that are highly intelligent, funny, down to earth, adventurous, and versatile. Versatility refers to their ability to be comfortable in multiple settings. Whether we are attending a corporate gala or a hip-hop concert, she should know how to traverse both environments and be comfortable in her skin.

HERS: While I love a man in a tailored suit with the intelligence to back it, I also sincerely appreciate a God fearing man who is Honest, strong, chiseled, a nice backside (hey I’m being honest here), compassionate, intelligent, trust worthy, loyal, funny, versatile (family cook out or black tie gala), can dance (though this is not a deal breaker…lol) or is at least willing to take some lessons, respects and loves his mother, and is laid back. I like a man who understands that while a woman is strong she is still meant to be handled gently. I can only speak for myself when I say this… Though I am strong and able to lead I look forward to the day my husband, the man God has in store for me, can take the lead. Not in a disrespectful, my way or the high way, overbearing, dictator like way. More like an ‘I got this baby’ kind of way. No one should have to be strong all of the time.

HIS (U): Her smile. 🙂





Do you prefer a working girlfriend/wife? Do you prefer blue collar or white collar?

HIS (B.A.): I would say that I prefer a working woman. Working exposes us to different people and personality types and also enables us to achieve certain professional goals. I think dating someone who strives for these same things would be ideal as there is common understanding as to what each other is working towards and facing on a daily basis.

HERS: I definitely prefer a working mate. I do not care if he is blue collar or white collar.I do care if he has dreams/ambitions and works smart/hard to achieve them.

HIS (U): I prefer a two income family household, especially in the day and times we live in now. Too much uncertainty.




Would you date a woman/man with kids
HIS (B.A.): I have no qualms about dating a woman with kids as long as her parental style matches with mine.

HERS: I would prefer a man with no children. Would love to experience having our first child together, all of our children but the first is special. Nonetheless, at this stage (a.k.a. age), finding a single man with no children is like finding a flight for under $200 dollars. It is possible, but it is not easy to come by. As a result, I am open to a child or two as long as the relationship with the child’s mother is healthy, he takes care of his kid(s), and can afford them.

HIS (U): Yes, but not a flock of kids. lol


Describe your ideal woman/man

HIS (B.A.): My ideal woman is an intellectual with a keen fashion sense. She’s not only beautiful on the outside, but has a heart of gold on the inside. She’s funny, trustworthy, caring, and not afraid to take charge or be led. She understands that she is a powerful being and has the ability to make or break her man by the way that she supports his dreams and aspirations.




HERS: My ideal mate is tall enough for me to wear my three to five inch heels comfortably. lol. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she? He makes me laugh. His presence is healing and he is the calm to my storm. He is kind spirited, someone I can trust with my vulnerability. He is a leader but is comfortable when I am leading as well. He is a God-fearing man willing to lead his home with the word and love of God. He is God’s reflection of love here on earth, a love that I can trust and reciprocate freely. Corny, I know. He is also adventurous, like pick me up from work on a Friday with my bags packed and a plane ticket for a surprise weekend trip to go hiking or skydiving or to just relax because he knows we both could use a moment of peace from our busy schedules. #workhardplayhard


HIS (U): My ideal woman is someone who is kind, caring, educated, nurturing, can walk in heels, great sense of humor, maker of great pancakes and lastly can love me as deeply as I would love her.





Describe a perfect date
HIS (B.A.): A perfect date for me could be something as simple as the two of us getting ice cream and taking a stroll in the park and talking, trying to get to know each other. It could also revolve around something spontaneous like both of us doing something out of our comfort zone, like rock climbing, archery, or skydiving.

HERS: Oooooh. Perfect date. Hmmmm. So many ideas. While I like fancy restaurants and getting dolled up, an ideal date is actually one that requires thoughtfulness.  Something thoughtful like the scene in Jason’s Lyric when Jason (Allen Payne) manages to ‘rent’ a public bus, the same bus his love interest Lyric (Jada Pinkett Smith) takes to and from work everyday. After Lyric gets off of work she approaches the bus stop and out comes Jason with his hand outstretched towards her. She gets on the bus skeptically. He blindfolds her. Once they make it to their destination he leads her up a flight of stairs. When he removes the blindfold Lyric sees a candlelit dinner for two on white linen cloth in what appears to be an old train station with beautiful murals across the walls. A private dinner for two in a beautiful place. As you can tell by my long winded description I love thoughtful gifts. You can buy me diamonds (what girl doesn’t like diamonds and it’s my birthstone) but I would much rather receive a thoughtful gift, even something as simple as a sweet note laying next to my morning tea that he made for me just to save me some time (I’m always on the go so this would mean a lot).

HIS (U): I really wish record stores still exist because my perfect date would involve digging in the crates and pulling albums and playing songs that best describe my feelings for the person I’m with. But if I had to choose from current day it would be a movie in the park (depending on the weather) followed by wine tasting!



What are your dating preferences? Share your ‘tall’ dating story and/or your thoughts on the post and images?


Clothing: White denim pant, Jesse Queen Collection, Blouse: One of a kind piece styled by Jesse Queen owner Bianca.


J. Enovy

J. Enovy, the founder of TALL District, is a senior investment professional and a tall resource/blogger. Join her as she shares valuable information for the tall consumer and those who shop on their behalf.


  1. Carla

    February 13, 2017 at 3:05 pm Reply

    Great post and lovely photos! I am 6’3″ and prefer to date a taller man. However I have found them to be in short supply. Pun intended, so I have a 6″ height requirement, which I feel is a decent compromise. J, do you think you may have or will miss out on love that may come in the former of a shorter man?

    1. J. Enovy

      February 13, 2017 at 4:05 pm Reply

      Thank you, Carla. lol at ‘short supply.’ I agree with the short supply commentary though I have come across a few tall good men. Your compromise is more than decent. To answer your question, my hope is that God knows my heart and my desire to have tall children. However,love overcomes all obstacles including height. Anything is possible.

      Note: Until the day we meet I will keep painting images of a taller mate in my dreams and on my vision board. lol

  2. Laws

    February 13, 2017 at 5:37 pm Reply

    “He is also a God-fearing man willing to lead his home with the word and love of God. Corny I know.”

    Please don’t ever say this idea of a man is “Corny.”

    It is not Corny. It’s God’s idea of love. Thanks. Great Read

    1. J. Enovy

      February 13, 2017 at 5:43 pm Reply

      Thanks Tlaws!

  3. charlene poe

    February 14, 2017 at 2:47 am Reply

    This was a wonderful post! I shared it with all 3 of my tallistas! I too am 5’11″”. My ex-husband is 5’10” and wearing heals for me was awarded at times, but he had no problems with it at all ☺. Now, I do also have height requirements, 6’4″ or taller I like the idea of my man still being inches taller than me, even with 3-4 inch heals and all 3 of my daughter’s feel the same way! BTW….you guys look great together!

    1. J. Enovy

      February 14, 2017 at 3:06 am Reply

      Thanks, Charlene! I love that you were able to find a mate that loved your height, with or without heels and I love that you have a house full of Tallistas who love to wear their heels. #yassss.

      P.S. Brooklyn Al did make these pictures look amazing, didn’t he? So glad he is the male fashion contributor for TALL District. However, he is just TALL District’s fashion contributor and has a special lady. lol. I just borrowed him for the photo shoot.

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