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5 Reasons Tall Daughters Love Their Fathers

June 14, 2017

Height aside, fathers are an important part of their children’s lives, especially their daughters.


As Father’s Day approaches, here are 5 reasons Tall daughters love their fathers:


I. Affection – your kind words, your embrace, your smile, your silent acknowledgement of her presence


II. Encouragement – your words are her toolbox.  Whether it’s academic, spiritual, or athletic; you push her to be her best self.


III. Strength – your strength gives her strength, you confirm the beauty in her strength and show her that both strength and vulnerability are acceptable. Your presence also gives her the permission to be vulnerable instead of always trying to live up to the perception that being tall means being strong all of the time.


IV. Love – your love is her compass. It guides her and helps her recognize love in its various forms (friendship, relationships, partnerships, etc.,.). Your love is the quiet in any storm.


V. Leadership – You set the standard for the men she will attract and the man she will marry.



What are some of the reasons you, as a tall girl, love your father? Is there anything specific he has done to build up or strengthen your self-confidence?


Fathers of tall daughters, what are some of the ways you show your tall daughter love?


TALL Blessings,
J. Enovy, Founder


J. Enovy

J. Enovy, the founder of TALL District, is a senior investment professional and a tall resource/blogger. Join her as she shares valuable information for the tall consumer and those who shop on their behalf.

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